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Return Policy:

  • 14 DAYS return policy or exchange : The product must be received without any alteration, or use
  •  Downloadable products cannot be refunded nor exchange of downloadable products. 
  • Contact us and get approved address to ship the item to. When the reason for return is not caused by seller,the returning shipping fees will be paid by the buyer, and the buyer is solely responsible for the misplacement or damage of the item on transits back to us.
  • Before paying, or use, be sure you select the right product(s).  Make sure that the product received is returned exactly as it was shipped. Fees will be charged if the product(s) has or have been altered in any form.

NOTE: Contact us and get approval and returning shipment before doing so. The buyer is completely responsible for any shipment to us without our prior approval and returning shipment procedure.