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2K Veidoo 10.4 inch 4G Tablet

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2K Veidoo 10.4 inch 4G Tablet 

6GB memory+128GB storage

Dual SIM cards or 1 SIM+1 SD card

 8-core CPU+built-in dual band WiFi chip


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10.4 inch tablet is equipped with a new generation of Android 12 operating system and pre-installed Google Play Store. 6000mAh battery capacity, 6GB memory+128GB storage, 8-core CPU+built-in dual band WiFi chip, powerful chip set supports CPU frequency up to 2.0GHz, movie viewing and Internet speed increase by 70%, faster response.

2K resolution and fashionable metal body, you can play games, watch live broadcasts, online meetings, smooth multi task experience, allowing you to quickly use and download more popular software. (Support dual SIM cards or 1 SIM+1 SD card)


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